Monday, June 6, 2011

Orientation dates!

I found out recently that I will have 3 days of orientation starting Tuesday, August 30 through Thursday, September 1.  I am so excited about having an actual date of when I HAVE to be there because it seems more realistic now.  I am looking forward to going to DC to work on a Toyota International Teacher Program panel in a few weeks and hope to see my new apartment!
School is 4 days away from being finished for the year.  While grading last Sunday afternoon, I had a remarkable thought that it would be my last Sunday afternoon for grading papers for a very long time.  It still seems like a dream.  My kids have been wonderful helping me clean up my room, packing some things, and recycling.  They are just as eager as I am for summer. :-)

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  1. If you'll have time for a dinner when you're out here in a few weeks, let me know and I'll host. (My place is a short walk from the Dupont metro.) If it's easier to wait until you're out here for good, that's good too. Just let me know when it works and we'll roll out the red carpet! :)